Leaders and Charisma


Charisma is not enough, underneath a true leader needs it’s core values well established, compassion, comradeship, humanness, wisdom, the well-being of all on the horizon and above winning, learning and growing should be the aspiration  of a leader for its people, team, project, etc.

A leader of today should delve into the cultures and traditions of native communities around the world, learn from elders and then share with its peoples. Aspire to the betterment of humanity and not just for a corporate ladder.

Charisma is very good for times of rowing, but if it is a posture it will fade on the face of adversity, so to solely rely on it is the wrong path and the wrong answer, the strength of a leader is the strength of it community of peers.

Sometime charismatic people are deaf to outside views different from that of his own interested world view, there is too much talk about how global we are now a days, but in fact we are on the path of being to homogenized for our own good, diversity is strength, even in genetics it is so, and charismatic leaders tend to homogenize groups, which is unhealthy, a close system is a dead system, like a body of water that has no exchange route with fresh water.

So charisma in presentations, well it works, for the long run, maybe when we are about to get to the mountain top, and the, rely on basic humanness.




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