In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Hay, this morning I got out of bed and as usual I went for a walk, and as usual my friendly neighbors, a family of bluejays, were chirping away, which by the way helped me remember the water plate of Bob. I picked it up, changed the water for fresh one and put it back on it’s spot.

We went for a walk, My Dog Bob and me, we enjoy this time of the day, we go up to the mailbox and see what the mail man brought today, who wrote, was it my mom or my dad, was there a letter from the publisher? Guess what, today we got some coupons to buy food and some advertisement for a new maple syrup from Canada, from an organic farm. We do love organics, Bob and me.

After checking the mailbox, we kept our commitment and went for our 5k walk and play, we came back sweating and had our breakfast, then I sat to write back to my mom and my dad.

Recently I am writing new poems and a book about my life, at least the latter twenty years, with ink I might add, I am hand writing the whole thing, going back to the basics in this era of internet.

When I write Bob sits quietly by my side, waiting for our play time, good dog bob.

By Sergio Yepes5779_10151726308829122_1974722275_n


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